Chicken Philly - grilled with green peppers and onions served on French bread  $10.95 
Fuego grilled chicken - pepper jack fried jalapeños onion straws with chipotle meal $10.95
OBP grilled chicken onions peppers mushrooms and mozzarella cheese $9.95 
Western grilled chicken smothered in barbecue sauce with bacon cheddar cheese and onion straws $10.95 
Mexican grill chicken salsa sour cream guacamole with your choice of cheese $9.95 
Italian style chicken breaded or grilled red sauce onions and mozzarella and a garlic bun $9.75 
Chicken breast breaded or grilled with lettuce and tomato $9.50 
Teriyaki chicken grilled to your liking $9.50 

Buffalo chicken breaded or grilled Louisiana hot sauce pepper jack cheese or crumbled blue cheese $9.50

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