Jumbo buffalo wings/naked/hot/mild 1/2 dozen $6.25 one dozen $10.95 
Honey barbecue or teriyaki wings 1/2 dozen $6.75 one dozen $11.50

Boneless wings/mild and hot $8.95/honey barbecue and teriyaki $9.95
**** dressings/blue cheese ranch honey mustard or veggies $.60 each 
Three mini burgers with fries $8.95 
Baked pretzel sticks for served with cheddar cheese mustard or honey mustard $7.95
Breaded green beans served with cucumber or moon sauce $6.75 
Breaded pickle spears served with mustard or moon sauce $6.75 
Breaded ravioli served with Parmesan cheese and red sauce at $6.95 
OBP  sampler four of each skins chicken tenders cheese sticks choice of two sauces $10.95 
Fried frog legs served with honey mustard or moon sauce $10.95 
Breaded cheddar bites served with ranch dressing $6.25 
Tater tot surprise tarts with melted blue or cheddar cheese scallions bacon w/side of Giardiniera $7.25
Jalapeño poppers green peppers stuffed with cream cheese and fried to golden brown $6.25 
Irish nachos with shredded cheese chili red and green onions tomato sour cream on top of our waffle fries $8.25
Mini tacos $6.25 
Cheese sticks with marinara sauce $6.25 
Chickenfingers $6.25 
Pizza bread $3.95 
Garlic bread $3.25 
BBQ rib appetizer $8.25 
Nachos with cheese and jalapeño $6.95 
Nachos supreme with cheese chili guacamole and jalapeño peppers $8.25 
House fries $2.75 
Waffle fries $3.25
Potato skins with cheddar cheese green onions and sour cream $6.50 
Fried veggie platter your choice of  mushrooms cauliflower onion rings or zucchini $6.25 
Fried combo veggie platter combo of wine above with your choice of sauce at $6.50 
Homemade soup of the day cup $2.50 bowl $3.25
Dinner salad $3.50 


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